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Expert Guide on Buying Engagement and Wedding Rings


James Allen ReviewsIf you want to express your positive emotions or celebrate special achievements or occasions with a meaningful material object, jewelry is the perfect choice. Regardless of the size and style, or value of the piece of jewelry, it will always be treasured and appreciated. This is a great article to learn about jewelry from, whether it’s for yourself or if you give it to someone as a gift.

For example, you should never use bleach, turpentine, or ammonia on your jewelry. You can turn your stones this way and it will eat away the enamel on the pieces.

When shopping for genuine sterling silver jewelry, you need both a discerning eye and a small magnet. When you do this, you become able to find fake pieces of any type of sterling jewelry. You can use the magnet because non-precious metals actually are attracted by magnets. You can recognize sterling silver by stamps that say ‘.925’ or ‘ster’. Be skeptical that is real silver if the piece of presumed silver is not marked. It could very well be a fake.

A good piece of jewelery can last you your whole life. Go to a dealer you can trust to make sure you get a quality item at a fair price. The best jewelry is well-designed and well-made with close attention to detail. The jeweler that you purchase the item from should give you the history of the piece, as far as who made it, and, if there are stones on the item, where they came from. A quality item of jewelry will last a lifetime or more, so take the time to do your research.

Ask the jeweler what type of insurance is available for your purchase. You want to know if they will be able to repair or replace the piece if it was to break. Some stores even insure jewelry against loss or theft. Go to James Allen Reviews for more guidance and expert tips.

If you want costume jewelery, you will have to take care of it. An item that shows major signs of usage will be a poor investment of your time and money, even though costume jewelry make good investments and they can be costly. A piece that is in excellent condition will increase in value.

You could wear it for a day to make sure it is not uncomfortable. By wearing it yourself, you can also gauge the ruggedness of the piece.

Even knotted necklaces with delicate loops can be untangled. You can easily give up on a knotted mass of metal, but instead grab some plastic wrap. Put your knotted chains on the plastic cover and wrap with a little baby oil. Try using needles to unknot the strands if the jewelry is tangled and knotted. When your necklaces are straight, use dish soap to wash the oil off and pat them dry.

Jewelery is a perfect gift for any occasion. Even the smallest piece can mean a lot to the one receiving it. You must also learn how to care for the jewelry that you own yourself. The tips from this article should help you take and give care of jewelry successfully.